Summer Cartoon Camp Project

Cartoon Campers will learn the techniques and tricks of the comic story trade. Below, several images demonstrate the initial phase of comic strip design and process:

Every comic strip artist must begin by testing out their original idea on paper.


To start, sketch out panels that are ready for transfer to the comic art board.


During this phase, you want to get a feel for drawing your characters and understanding your story.


Campers will be able to use this Calvin and Hobbs comic strip as a reference for their own comic strip/page stories.

These are the steps taken to create a comic strip:

The story is roughed out and this is where the panel layout is decided.

Blocking, sketching, and storyline are complete. The last step before you can claim production finalized? Ink it! Using markers, cartoonists will utilize their white and dark space to bring depth and meaning to their characters and story. Color is the magical final step that brings your comic strip to life.

Either copying this Calvin and Hobbes format or creating their own story line, students will generate a cartoon of this scope by the end of camp week. What ideas can you bring to the (drafting) table?




Then the panels are inked, the text can be done at this time or done last.


If your going to add color then it will have to be added before the the inks.


Final step is to ink after adding the color and the comic strip is done.

Stay ‘tooned’ for more drawing and comic strip previews!!

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Graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2006 with a BA in Media Arts and animation.

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