2019 – 20 New School Sessions

The new Studio School Year Sessions are about to begin as Summer whines down. This year there will be a Stop Motion Workshop date to be announced later this year. The new schedule is up and located here,¬†class-sessions So you can sign-up early for the new year and remember each year there is a registrationContinue reading “2019 – 20 New School Sessions”

2018 SummerCamp

Summer is rolling close and finally getting up the summer camp schedule and the summer class schedule will be posted later. You can sign-up online and fill out the registration for which week students will be attending. There will be more details posted online for a day to day timeline. Link to Summer Camp:  https://mikedanimationstudio.com/summer-cartoon-camp/

Summer Cartoon Camp Project

Cartoon Campers will learn the techniques and tricks of the comic story trade. Below, several images demonstrate the initial phase of comic strip design and process: Every comic strip artist must begin by testing out their original idea on paper. To start, sketch out panels that are ready for transfer to the comic art board.Continue reading “Summer Cartoon Camp Project”