2019 – 20 New School Sessions

The new Studio School Year Sessions are about to begin as Summer whines down. This year there will be a Stop Motion Workshop date to be announced later this year. The new schedule is up and located here, class-sessions
So you can sign-up early for the new year and remember each year there is a registration fee of $55 to help pay for supplies, paper and books for all students to use.
Elementary, https://mikedanimationstudio.com/elementary/
Middle School, middle-school
High School, high-school


Session 1-1920.jpg

Session 2-1920.jpg

Session 3-1920.jpg

Session 4-1920.jpg

Session 5-1920.jpg

Published by mikedanimation

Graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2006 with a BA in Media Arts and animation.

3 thoughts on “2019 – 20 New School Sessions

  1. Hello, I am interested in joining one of your classes for the middle school, and I was wondering if we are able to take one class per week instead of two. If not then is it okay if I come a bit late to one class?

    Joseph E.


    1. Hello, You can stop in for a free 30-45min trial session if you’ve never visited the Studio, and Yes you are able to take 1 class day a week instead of 2 and that means you will have a 2hour 30 minute class.


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